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Juun.J F/W 2013

Richard Avedon’s instructions to his printer for an image taken of coal miner Lyal Burr, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Koosharem, Utah, May 7, 1981.
Some notes from Laura Wilson’s book Avedon at Work. Wilson assisted Avedon for six years:

“The difficult and time-consuming process of making these prints began in  the basement darkroom of the Avedon studio in New York. Ruedi and David  [Liittscwager] started with a set of 16-by-20 inch prints. Dick  rejected them all. He felt that the tone was heavy; they were too black  and had too much contrast. In reprinting, Dick’s directions were rarely  technical. He would say simply, “Make the person more gentle,” or “Give  the face more tension” This unconventional advice forced Ruedi and David  to try to Understand the emotional content that Dick sought in each  portrait. […] On test prints, Ruedi recorded the necessary  manipulations with a red grease pencil. The exposure times, plus or  minus, were in seconds to indicate where to darken or lighten an eyelid,  or a nose, ot the wrinkle on a forehead.”

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